bogi fabian

Art - Even when the lights go down

Ultraviolet Photography

When we take a closer look at things and examine them, we often realise just how many details escape our attention. Unimaginable worlds unfold to us.
So often we drift over details that are just as important as the whole.

My journey as artist had periods when I couldn't afford to hire a photographer to document my paintings and works. Fortunately, photography is also very close to me so taking care of this task by myself has never been a burden - it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, helping me get closer to my creations and work environment. Photographing my weekdays revealed an entirely different world to me. My tools and workshop came alive like an ethereal domain, astounding me. This ignited my passion even more to share this aspect of my art with you, to inspire you too to examine things from a closer perspective, which is one of the foundations of critical thinking.

I'm hoping that you will enjoy this little world of wonders which I'm going to introduce to you in my upcoming photo series.


Bogi Fabian Multiluminous UV ultraviolet glow in the dark  moon universe dream
bogi fabian multiluminous ultraviolet  kickstarter
bogi fabian multiluminous ultraviolet  universe kickstarter